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Akadema Glove Review by Cody Simmelink, 10/16/2005

In the years I played from Little League through high school I enjoyed a variety of top of the line gloves from Rawlings, Wilson, & Mizuno. My son is now in Little League and the Wilson Pro450 T-Ball glove was ready to be passed down to his younger brother. With all of the advancements in bats, equipment, and materials available I was excited to see what glove makers now had to offer. What I found were basically the same gloves I used as a kid. I guess all of the engineers and R&D people focus on developing the next -13 offensive weapon with a sweet spot that encompasses the entire length of the bat. Long live the 3 run HR? I was disappointed until I found Akadeema's line of gloves. Their Reptilian series gloves are not revolutionary, but they are an improvement over the standard. I chose the Akadema A071 11 1/4" Prodigy for my son with some great assistance from the folks a Akadema. The glove is well priced and is made of exceptional quality leather for a youth glove. The near fingerless design acts like a shovel scooping up ground balls while the closed web pocket traps the ball securely. The interior of the glove is plush with padding where you always wished their was. The break in time was reasonable for a youth glove made with quality thick leather only needing a week of playing catch to be game ready. Overall I highly recommend any young middle infielder in search of a their next glove to give an Akadeema a try.