Batting Gloves


The grip a baseball or softball player has on their bat is incredibly important to their success at the plate. If the bat slips in their hand even the smallest bit, it can significantly affect how well they hit. In addition to improving your grip on the bat, batting gloves also provide protection for your hands when sliding into base. An increasing number of players now wear the gloves inside their baseball gloves to provide a better fit, and reduce the sting (they also make "protective gloves" designed only to be worn under your standard baseball glove).


A pair of batting gloves generally sells for $10-$35.


Where to Find Batting Gloves:

batting gloves


Some of the Most Popular Models:

Louisville Slugger Bionic Pro
Mizuno Pro Limited
TPX Nomar Garciaparra
Easton Redline Pro Kangaroo Batting Gloves
TPX Bionix Batting Gloves
Turbo Slot Hitting Gloves
Easton V.R.S Pro Batting Gloves
Palmgard STS Youth
Mizuno Generation
Rawlings - RAW WP325 The Diamond
Miken MKN MBG-2
Wilson DuraPro
Rawlings BGP950T WorkHorse