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Look Mom, No Gloves!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Of course baseball season is in full swing, but this time of year is also big for vintage baseball games. Around the country, teams form to recreate classic old-time baseball, the way it was played in early in the twentieth century and, better still, in the mid- and late-nineteenth century.

This recent vintage baseball game in Ohio took place in an old prison yard, making a unique, but impressive, setting for a classic game. Though the doubleheader featured two landslides, the lessons in the way the game used to be played were the real reason to pay attention. From uniforms to language, the players and umpires (and even the fans, in a way) remained true to every detail. Including playing without gloves, and fielding balls on the bounce. For an out.

Makes me wonder what it’d be like if they really started playing that way today.