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Pitchers and Catchers Are In!

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Pitchers and catchers have (finally!) reported to Spring Training. It’s a happy weekend for all of us who are eager for the 2009 MLB season to start. After the controversy of this off-season, we can finally focus on developing talent on our favorite teams. That’s right, it’s time for fundamentals. For the rookies and the veterans, the wannabes and the has-beens. Even as a never-was, this time of year I always think of my first glove.

Sure, there are more baseball glove manufacturers now than when I got my Ron Darling–inscribed MacGregor glove. But some things never change. I just saw a glove under a car on my street, sitting there just like my glove sat under my dad’s car overnight. What advice would you share for breaking in a new baseball glove?