Easton Baseball Gloves


Easton baseball gloves are available in 13 different series (between adult, youth and softball) with more than 40 gloves. The high-end Easton baseball gloves are in the "Premier Select Series" that are used by more than 50 MLB players. These gloves sell for over $200. On the lower end, Easton youth gloves are available for under $30. One of the special features of Easton baseball gloves is the "contoured index finger channel" on the back of the glove that gives the player a more natural place for their index finger. This channel is part of their patent-pending "ideal fit system" that they say "provides the flexibility and comfort of an open back glove with the feel and control of a closed back glove".  


Where to Find Easton Baseball Gloves:



Easton Glove Models:



Easton 11.75" Professional Series Glove


Easton 11.25" Professional Series Infield Glove


Easton 12" Professional Series Infield Glove

EPRO8 Easton 12.75" Professional Series Outfield Glove