Do you remember your first glove?


Do you remember your first glove? Every baseball fan does. Greg Maddux remembers using his dad’s old SSK glove at shortstop when he was eight or nine. “It was huge. Bigger than me,” he says. Dave Winfield put his first glove on the wrong hand. When he grew up, he won seven Gold Gloves. Canadian major leaguer Larry Walker had a goalie’s mitt for his first glove.

Bill Mazeroski dug an outhouse for the money to buy his first glove, a three-fingered Rawlings Playmaker that was the rage right after World War II. Larry King (we’re talking the television host here) had a Billy Cox model from the Davega sporting goods store in New York City, when sporting goods stores had their own glove brands. Jim Palmer was a Yankees fan, so his first glove was a Mickey Mantle. Actor Joe Mantegna was a Chicago Cubs fan, but his first glove was a Billy Pierce model, autographed by the White Sox’ fine lefty.

Bernie Williams remembers an early glove. Ivan Calderon gave it to him during winter ball. Williams was so naГЇve, he asked Calderon if he could pay him for the glove. Calderon just chuckled, and Williams went on to be an All-Star for the New York Yankees.

Now you can probably remember your first glove. Do you still have it?