Baseball Glove Repair


No matter how good of a glove you use, at some point it is likely that the glove will hit the end of its useful life. Perhaps some of the laces will break and the glove falls apart, or the leather becomes extremely cracked and dried. At this point many players simply head out and purchase a new glove. However, many of the gloves that are "put to bed" could be repaired for a reasonable price. New laces, and some basic conditioning of the leather can make your old glove useable again, and this can usually be done for less than $40.


Before After


Where to Get Your Glove Repaired:


  • Pastime Preservations - Glove collectors around the world send their antique and rare finds to Pastime Preservation Service for restoration. The Glove Doctor specializes in antique repair and restoration for sporting goods. They can fix your glove.