Nokona Baseball Gloves


Nokona manufactures some of the highest quality baseball gloves available. Nokona baseball gloves are manufactured in Texas, and the company has been making gloves for more than 75 years. Nokona makes more than 60 models of baseball gloves, with the least expensive models starting at more than $125. Besides traditional leather gloves, Nokona also makes gloves from Buffalo and Kangaroo leather. "The American Pro Series" of glove that features 11 different glove models.



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Sponsored Athletes:Nokona is a small company and from the late 1960's through 2004 did not pay to endorse players. That has recently changed however, and Todd Walker is now endorses Nokona. Nolan Ryan once said of his childhood: "You knew you had arrived, when you were able to get a Nokona baseball glove."


Nokona Leather Guide:


American Pro Series - Fielders Mitts

Model Leather / Web
AMG1050-CW Outback Closed Web
AMG1050-OW Outback Open Web
AMG1050W Walnut Open Web
AMG1050W-CW Walnut Closed Web
AMG1050K Buckaroo Open Web
AMG1050K-CW Buckaroo Closed Web
AMG1125-CW Outback Closed Web
AMG1125-OW Outback Open Web
AMG1125W Walnut Open Web
AMG1125W-CW Walnut Closed Web
AMG1125K Buckaroo Open Web
AMG1125K-CW Buckaroo Closed Web
AMG1150-CW Outback Closed Web
AMG1150-OW Outback Open Web
AMG1150W Walnut Open Web
AMG1150W-CW Walnut Closed Web
AMG1150K Buckaroo Open Web
AMG1150K-CW Buckaroo Closed Web
AMG1150MT Outback Modified Trap
AMG1150MTB Black Cowhide Modified Trap
AMG1150WMT Walnut Modified Trap
AMG1150KMT Buckaroo Modified Trap
AMG1175 Outback Open Web
AMG1175-CW Outback Closed Web
AMG1175W Walnut Open Web
AMG1175W-CW Walnut Closed Web
AMG1175K Buckaroo Open Web
AMG1175K-CW Buckaroo Closed Web
AMG1200 Outback Closed Web
AMG1200W Walnut Closed Web
AMG1200B Black Cowhide Closed Web
AMG1200K Buckaroo Closed Web
AMG1250 Outback Open Web
AMG1250-CW Outback Closed Web
AMG1250W Walnut Open Web
AMG1250W-CW Walnut Closed Web
AMG1250K Buckaroo Open Web
AMG1250K-CW Buckaroo Closed Web
AMG1275 Outback Open Web
AMG1275-CW Outback Closed Web
AMG1275W Walnut Open Web
AMG1275W-CW Walnut Closed Web
AMG1275K Buckaroo Open Web
AMG1275K-CW Buckaroo Closed Web
AMG1275T Outback Trap Web
AMG1275TB Black Cowhide Trap Web
AMG1275TW Walnut Trap Web
AMG1275TK Buckaroo Trap Web



American Pro Series - Basemitts


Model Leather / Web
AMGFB Outback Cowhide
AMGFBW Walnut Cowhide
AMGFBB Black Cowhide
AMGFBK Buckaroo Cowhide



American Pro Series – Catchers Mitts


Model Leather / Web
CM600 Outback Cowhide
CM600W Walnut Cowhide
CM600B Black Cowhide
CM600K Buckaroo Cowhide



Buffalo Series - Fielders Mitts


Model Leather / Web
AMG1050BF Buffalo
AMG650BF Buffalo
AMG650BFC Buffalo Combo
AMG1150BFC Walnut Cowhide Palm / Buffalo Back
AMG1200BFC Walnut Cowhide Palm / Buffalo Back
AMG1250BFC Walnut Cowhide Palm / Buffalo Back
AMG1250BFC Walnut Cowhide Palm / Buffalo Back


Buffalo Series – Basemitts


Model Leather / Web
AMGFB-BFC Walnut Cowhide Palm / Buffalo Back


Buffalo Series – Catchers Mitts

Model Leather / Web
CM600BFC Walnut Cowhide Palm / Buffalo Back


Classic Series - Fielders Mitts


Model Leather / Web
AMG650 Walnut Cowhide, Closed Web
AMG650-OW Walnut Cowhide, Open Web
AMG650K Buckaroo, Closed Web
AMG650KB-CW Black Buckaroo, Closed Web
AMG700 Walnut Cowhide
AMG700X Buckskin Cowhide
AMG700K Buckaroo
AMG750 Walnut Cowhide
AMG400-W Walnut Cowhide
AMG400K Buckaroo


Youth Series

Nokona’sYouth Series gloves include three different product lines: BallStops Here (for beginners up t to 12 years of age), PROElite (a good value glove for boys and girls ages 12 and up) andHandcrafted in Nocona, TX (gloves for serious players at highschool and collegiate levels).


The Ball Stops Here Series Fielders Mitts


Model Leather / Web
TN950 Genuine Leather
TN1000 Genuine Leather
TN1050 Genuine Leather
TN1150 Full Grain Cowhide
TN1200 Full Grain Cowhide
TN1250 Full Grain Cowhide
TN1300 Full Grain Cowhide


Hand Crafted Series Fielders Mitts


Model Leather / Web
NOK1150 Full Grain Cowhide
NOK1200 Full Grain Cowhide
NOK1250 Full Grain Cowhide/td>


Hand Crafted Series Catchers Mitts


Model Leather / Web
TNCM5 Walnut CrunchВ­В­В­ Cowhide



Nokona Fielders Mitts:


  • AMG600 - 12.5" Closed Wrist
  • AMG500 - 12.5" Open Wrist
  • AMG300 - 11.5" Closed Wrist
  • AMG175 - 12" Closed Wrist
  • AMG150 - 12" Open Wrist
  • AMG125 - 10.5" Open Wrist
  • AMG100 - 11" Closed Wrist
  • AMG66 - 10" Closed Wrist
  • AMG50 - 11.5" Open Wrist
  • BM76 - 12" Closed Wrist


Nokona First Base Mitts:


  • N80 - 13" Closed Wrist
  • N70 - 12.5" Closed Wrist
  • N60 - 12" Closed Wrist
  • N50 - 12" Closed Wrist


Nokona Catchers Mitts:


  • CM500 - 12.5" Closed Pocket
  • CM450 - 12.5" Closed Pocket
  • CM275 - 13" Closed Pocket
  • CM225 - 12.5" Closed Pocket
  • CM88 - 11" Closed Pocket
  • CM55 - 11" Open Pocket


Nokona Kangaroo Baseball Gloves


Nokona has been using kangaroo leather baseball gloves since the 1950's. Kangaroo leather has the highest tensile strength, density and is extremely lightweight. The leather is very soft and is very quick to break in, it is often said kangaroo leather gloves fit "like a second skin". Nokona ball gloves use kangaroo leather for the back fot he glove (which lightens the weight and makes a great fit) and use traditional cowhide for the palm of the glove. Nokona calls the combination of leathers "Buckaroo".


Additional Spellings: Nakona Gloves, Nacona baseball gloves, Nacona gloves Nocona.