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Types of Gloves

There are a lot of options when trying to decide on the right baseball glove. While comfort and fit are key determiners in choosing a glove, you must first make sure that you are picking a glove that fits your position on the baseball field. Here are the three types of gloves based on your position.

Infield Gloves

Infield gloves are typically 11 inches to 11 3/4 inches for baseball and 12 inches to 13 inches for softball and can be used by players who play second base, third base and short stop. These smaller gloves are made to allow for quick plays like a double play in the middle infield. They are shorter and have a shallower pocket than other gloves. Most infielders prefer standard open back webs, with a few exceptions as always. The consensus is that open backs keep your hand cooler as well as being more comfortable.


Outfield Gloves

Outfield gloves make catching fly balls easier by providing a deeper pocket and longer web for any left, right, or center-fielder. The typical size of an outfielder’s glove is 9 to 15 inches for baseball and 9 to 15 inches for softball. The pocket designs for baseball are typically open with the main options being a modified trapeze and an H-web. These pockets are the best for long extension plays that need to keep the ball in the glove, such as diving plays and snow cones. For softball, the pockets can be closed webs, because they need to be extra deep to account for the size of the softball.

First Base Gloves

First Base Gloves are worn by First base men. You would know that a glove is a first base glove is when it lacks finger separators on the outside of the glove creating a mitten like look. First Base Gloves are also larger in size and to help scoop up badly thrown balls. The majority of these gloves feature a Single Post WEb or H-Web design


Catcher's Gloves / Mitts

As the name suggests, Catchers Gloves (or Catchers Mitts) are gloves worn by those in the Catchers position. They are measured in circumference and has an oval shaped pocket. Majority of catcher's mitts have a variation of a closed web design and more padding than a traditional fielder's glove.

Batting Gloves

While not really a "baseball glove", batting gloves are important so we'll include them here.


The grip a baseball or softball player has on their bat is incredibly important to their success at the plate. If the bat slips in their hand even the smallest bit, it can significantly affect how well they hit. In addition to improving your grip on the bat, batting gloves also provide protection for your hands when sliding into base. An increasing number of players now wear the gloves inside their baseball gloves to provide a better fit, and reduce the sting (they also make “protective gloves” designed only to be worn under your standard baseball glove).


Video: How to a Wear Baseball Glove (Each Position)

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