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Baseball Gloves have been around nearly as long as the game of baseball itself, and today there are dozens of brands and hundreds of different models of baseball gloves to choose from. You can buy a baseball glove at your local department store for less than $15, or spend several hundred dollars on a custom fitted model. This site is designed to be a quick guide to choosing, caring for and buying baseball gloves.

Baseball gloves were first used in the game of baseball in the 1870’s, and even then the gloves were a far cry from the baseball gloves of today. At first, baseball gloves were designed only to pad the hands of the fielders so they could knock down the baseball – and were just a piece of leather padding that covered the palm of the hand (they had holes for the fingers to fit through!). The first players who wore gloves were even looked down upon for not being tough enough, but soon gloves became a standard piece of equipment. By the 1890’s however, baseball gloves slowly began to resemble the larger gloves we are familiar with today.


Fingerless baseball gloves from the 1870's - photo taken by


A glove from the 1910's -1920's. Photo courtesy of Sports Artifacts


A glove from the 1930's. Photo courtesy of Sports Artifacts


A glove from the 1950's-60's. Photo courtesy of Sports Artifacts

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