Taking Care of your Gloves

  • Properly caring for your baseball glove can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your glove. We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your glove to see what they recommend.

  • Keep your baseball glove in a cool, dry place when it is not in use. Do not leave your glove where the heat could affect the leather (the trunk of your car).

  • If your glove gets wet, dry it with a towel and let it air-dry. Do not put it in the oven or near a heater as it may dry out the leather.

  • Do not over oil your baseball glove! A few time each season is plenty.

  • Keep the laces tight.

From Nokona: “We do not recommend neatsfoot oil, linseed oil or silicon-type spray as these tend to close the pores of the leather, causing it to dry, harden, and become heavy over an extended period of time and through repeated use. Petroleum jelly keeps the pores open and in effect, keeps the leather “alive” while providing a softening condition. There are other cleaners and conditioners that are safe, especially those scientifically developed for glove leather.”

Follow these tips, check with your manufacturer and your baseball glove should treat you well!

Baseball Glove Repair
No matter how good of a glove you use, at some point it is likely that the glove will hit the end of its useful life. Perhaps some of the laces will break and the glove falls apart, or the leather becomes extremely cracked and dried. At this point many players simply head out and purchase a new glove. However, many of the gloves that are “put to bed” could be repaired for a reasonable price. New laces, and some basic conditioning of the leather can make your old glove useable again, and this can usually be done for less than $40.

  • Pastime Preservations – Glove collectors around the world send their antique and rare finds to Pastime Preservation Service for restoration. The Glove Doctor specializes in antique repair and restoration for sporting goods.