Wilson Baseball Gloves


Wilson has manufactured baseball gloves since 1922, and today offers 13 series of baseball gloves (8 adult, 5 youth). The Wilson A200 is the official baseball glove of Major League Baseball, and is an extremely popular glove with major league players. Their top of the line "Pro Stock" series gloves sell in the $200 price range, while some youth baseball gloves are available for under $15.


Where to Find Wilson Baseball Gloves:


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Wilson Infield Gloves



Wilson 11.5" A2000 Pro Stock Infield Glove


Wilson A2000 Pro Stock Infield Glove


Wilson 11.5" Conform A2000 Infield Glove

A31787 Wilson 11.75" A3000 EXO Infield Glove
A3G4 Wilson 11.5" A3000 EXO Infield Glove
A3X1 Wilson 10.75" A3000 EXO Infield Glove
G2QSR Wilson A2000 Quick Stop Infield Glove
PSB1787 Wilson A2000 Pro Stock Infield Glove
X1QSR Wilson 10.75" A2000 Pro Stock Infield Glove



Wilson Outfield Gloves



Wilson 12.5" Conform Pro Stock Outfield Glove


Wilson 12.5" A2000 Pro Stock Outfield Glove


Wilson 11.75" Conform A2000 Pitcher/Outfield Glove

A31955 Wilson 12.5" A3000 EXO Outfield Glove
ASOQS Wilson 12" A2000 Quickstop All-Position Glove
PSBASO Wilson A2000 Pro Stock All-Position Glove
PSTL Wilson A2000 Pro Stock All-Position Glove
A3ASO Wilson 12" A3000 EXO Pitcher/Outfield Model



A3000 10.75" Infield Glove X1
A3000 11.5" Infield Glove G4
A3000 11.75" Infield Glove 1787
A3000 12" Pitchers Glove ASO
A3000 12.5" Outfield Glove 1955
A2000 Conform 11.5" Infield Glove 1911
A2000 Conform 11.75" Pitchers Glove 1915
A2000 Conform 12.5" Outfield Glove 1955
A2403 Catchers Mitt Pudge
A2403 Catchers Mitt RPudge
A2403 Catchers Mitt M1BG
A2403 Catchers Mitt PSCMB
A2403 Catchers Mitt PSCMT
A2800   PSB
A2800 First Base Mitt 1883BG
A2800 First Base Mitt 1613AG
A2800 First Base Mitt 1883BG
A2000 10.75" Infield Glove H1
A2000 11" Infield Glove X2
A2000 11.25" Infield Glove 1788BG
A2000 11.75" Infield Glove PSB1787
A2000 11.25" Infield Glove D4
A2000 11.5" Infield Glove 1786TSB
A2000 11.5" Infield Glove G4BG
A2000 11.75" Pitcher's Glove 1796
A2000 11.75" Pitcher's Glove PSTL
A2000 11.75" Pitcher's Glove PSBL
A2000 11.75" Pitcher's Glove B2
A2000 12" Infield Glove D5
A2000 12" Pitcher's Glove PSBASO
A2000 12.5" Pitcher's Glove PSBXLC
A2000 12.5" Outfield PSB 1798
A2000 12.5" Outfield Glove YBG
A1000 11.25" Infield Glove 1788
A1000 11.5" Infield Glove G4
A1000 11.75" Pitcher's Glove L
A1000 12" Pitcher's Glove ASO
A1000 12.5" Outfield Glove 1955


A0650 11 Youth Glove
A0650 115 Youth Glove
A0650 12 Youth Glove
A0650 125 Youth Glove
A0650 115 Youth Glove
A0650 12 Youth Glove
A0650 125 Infielder’s Glove
A0350 MLB 105 Infielder’s Glove
A0350 MLB 11 Youth Glove
A0350 MLB 12 Youth Glove
A0500 CM Catcher’s Mitt
A2403 2092-T Catcher’s Mitt