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Akadema Baseball Gloves

Akadema first entered the baseball glove market in 1998. With various unique lines of baseball gloves modeled after gloves used by some of baseball’s best pros, Akadema’s gloves have been finding the hands of millions of baseball players of all ages in recent years.

Akadema manufactures two lines of baseball gloves that are great for young players trying to pick up the basics. These series, the Rookie series and Prodigy series, both start at about $45.

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About Akadema

Headquarters: Bloomingdale, NJ
Year founded: 1998

Most gloves from these series feature full grain soft leather that allows for easy break-in, and models such as the Rookie series ARA 93 feature mesh backs for immediate game readiness. The AGC 98 from the Prodigy series features Akadema’s Stress Wedge technology that reduces shock by providing additional padding and secure finger slots. Most gloves from these series feature the H-web and praying mantis patterns for easy catching and position adaptability.

In addition to the Rookie and Prodigy series, Akadema offers a special line of game-ready gloves called theProsoft series. Starting at $110, the Prosoft series offers gloves for every position and even offers the ABX 00 ambidextrous model. For those who play multiple positions, the Prosoft series includes gloves featuring the reliable deep pocket, B-Hive pattern. 

Advanced players looking for a glove built to be the absolute best should consider Akadema’s Precision and Torino series. Although the Precision and Torino series start at $195, skilled players will love the combination of durability, mobility and protection these gloves provide. Gloves from these series are composed of kip leather to be light and pliable. Additionally, with advanced patterns such as the I-web and flytrap web, the Precision and Torino series will handle hard grounders, long fly balls and anything in between. Tight lacing techniques on these gloves will allow them to withstand even the harshest punishment of the game of baseball. The innovation of Akadema’s gloves is perhaps unparalleled in the baseball world, and millions of baseball players worldwide already confide in Akadema gloves to help them achieve greatness every game. 


Notable Series/Models

The exciting Torino Series by Akadema is designed for maximum performance and durability.  The Torino Series features Turin Kip Leather that is lighter with greater tensile strength.   The Torino line is one of the most prestigious luxury gloves on the field, without sacrificing the grit of the original Akadema Professional line.  The Torino Series breaks in quickly and offer playability and comfort at a much more reasonable price than our competitors.   Torino is now made with twin welts on fielders gloves.

Our Precision Kip Leather is lighter and tighter than steerhide gloves.  The Precision Series continues to be one of our top glove series which was introduced in 2004.

The ProSoft Elite was built for the top showcase and travel ball players that want a pro glove but don’t want to pay pro level pricing.  Rather than having to break-in your glove in two weeks like pro level gloves the ProSoft Elite is nearly ready out of the box but does not sacrifice the quality of the top line gloves.

The ProSoft Series gloves are born to meet the desires of players for the distinct advantage of a game-ready glove.  Light and Playable right out of the workshop, the ProSoft glove was constructed to give a player the unparalleled fit and feel right off the bat.

Created to satisfy the needs of the competitive fastpitch player, the Akadema Fastpitch Design Series is hand-crafted to increase the level of play on the field.  This light weight glove allows for a faster break-in period and a more manageable feel.  Smaller finger stalls are used to decrease the distance between the thumb and index finger and the Grasp-Clasp wrist system allows for increased playablity.

Akadema’s Prodigy Design Series has quickly gained a reputation as the benchmark in quality and design for serious youth ballplayers.  The Prodigy Design Series is both light and durable.  Hand-crafted for a quick and easy break-in period, making the glove more manageable for today’s youth ballplayers

The Rookie Series was created for younger players who are serious about baseball and want to play like thier favorite stars.  Akadema uses full grain soft leaher in the construction for easy break-in and comfort.

Video: Akadema Glove Review

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