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Allstar Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Shirley, MA
Year founded: 1960

About All-Star
All-Star Sporting Goods is a family business focused on quality and detail. Mostly known for having a strong reputation and presence among baseball and softball catchers, All-Star holds many patents and has been on the leading edge of sporting goods development. The All Star’s commitment to innovation, advanced technology, outstanding craftsmanship and quality service keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

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Notable Series/Models

System Seven
Great for pitching and utility glove, the System Seven is a glove with a deep pocket and sturdy web pattern. Despite being solid black, the internal leather is all tan. The black and tan shades of leather were meant to be used together, as each shade has very distinct properties. The tan leather on the inside helps develop an amazing pocket and fast break in times, while the black leather gives support for added life. Pro Guard Padding (PGP) in the palm lets you know that you have the ball but helps remove the sting.


Vela Professional
The Vela Professional model is great for outfield players or pitchers who are looking for a larger glove. The web design is great for trapping and securing the ball. The 3 FING3R design allows for a much larger pocket. Constructed with a unique blend of lightweight performance leather, the glove has the perfect level of stiffness for a long life, but soft enough to be game ready fast. Velcro closure allows for custom fit.

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