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Aria Gloves

Headquarters: Nashville, TN

About Aria Gloves

Aria stands for "Absolutely ridiculous idea" and is a new unique baseball glove manufacturer that "combines art and sport". According to the founder, who goes simply by the name "X" "it has to both tell a story and have the quality to perform at the highest level." The founder of the company is an artist/ athlete who goes simply by the name "X".

Artboard 1-100.jpg

Aria sells both baseball and softball gloves, with prices starting around $200 and increasing to nearly $500. The company is focused on high quality gloves that also have unique and artistic designs and colors. For example, the company sells a $420 "Chocolate Ice Cream Glove" that resembles an ice cream cone with chocolate and sprinkles melting from the top.

The company is taking a play out of the sneaker industry's playbook, by "dropping" new designs on a regular basis, with a countdown to launch.

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