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Baseball Glove Books

Here are some books dedicated to baseball gloves, mitts, and more..

Glove Affairs.jpg

Noah Liberman

Published 2003

160 pages

In-depth chapters in Glove Affairs include advice from experts on how to buy, break in, and fix a glove; Major Leaguers' glove secrets and superstitions; details on glove endorsements and glove collecting; and page after page of hilarious, eye-opening tales from players, coaches, and business insiders. Glove Affairs has everything a player or spectator could want from a baseball book, including thorough historical records, entertaining anecdotes from Major Leaguers and lesser-known figures in the glove industry, and many tips on what to do and not do to your glove.

The Baseball Glove History, Material, Meaning, and Value (Routledge Series for Creative Te

David Jenemann

Published 2018

158 pages

The chance to investigate the formation of material culture and social practice on many different levels is provided by the baseball glove, an object that is both commonplace and an essential component of the game of baseball.

From Buck to Pudge.jpg

Richard Macaluso

Published 2016

176 pages

The book covers the history of the catchers mitt from the time of Gunson and Hall of Fame catcher Buck Ewing in the 19th century through the late 20th and early 21st centuries, when Pudge Rodriguez was the best catcher in baseball. 

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