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Boombah Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Lisbon, IL
Year founded: 2003
Employees: 900

About Boombah
Founded in 2003 in a small garage in Lisbon, Illinois by Owner and Founder, Rick Tollefson, Boombah Inc. has grown into a 250,000 square foot facility headquartered in Yorkville, Illinois with additional offices in St. Louis, Missouri and Melbourne, Florida. In 2016, Boombah Inc. opened two factories in the Dominican Republic, moving its apparel and uniform production from Asia to the Dominican Republic. With over 500 total employees, Boombah continues to grow in its effort to provide the best service, selection, quality, and price to its customers.



The goal is simple to “Be what no one else is and give what no one else will”. They try hard to live up to that vision every single day. We want to provide cutting edge, high quality products at an affordable price, so that our customers can afford the rest of life.


One of their unique market advantages is our custom gloves, where you can get a quality custom glove for a pretty reasonable price. It has been a popular item for us, especially as gifts. They have had tremendous growth over our fourteen year history making us one of the most dynamic and exciting companies in the sports apparel and equipment industry.


Notable Series/Models
8020 Advanced Fielding Gloves

Professional-level quality, craftsmanship and materials that perform for all types of players and positions. 8020 Advanced custom fielding gloves are a high quality dry milled leather shell, PU liner with tricot lined finger stalls, cowhide lacing with PU welting and bindings.


Veloci GR (Game Ready) Gloves

The Veloci GR Series is made with high quality, full-grain cowhide leather that is virtually ready to play straight from the factory. All fastpitch style gloves feature an adjustable velcro strap to get the fit just right. Each glove is designed with a high level of detail and engineered to be extremely durable to handle the toughest seasons.


Veloci Kip Series
The top tier Veloci Kip Series, uses the premium Kip Leathers. Kip leather is a soft and luxurious leather that is 20% lighter than the standard cowhide or steerhide to keep you even quicker on the diamond. The Pittards Sheepskin liner, with their WR100X technology, is water and abrasion resistant which gives you an enhanced grip along with great comfort and feel.

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