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Capire Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Taiwan
Employees: 25

About Capire
Taiwan became the world’s largest manufacturer of baseball gloves during the 1970s and 1980s; it accounted for approximately 55% of the world’s total production. Renowned international brands such as Rawlings, Wilson, and Mizuno all elected to have their gloves manufactured in Taiwan. During this period, Taiwan developed the most advanced glove production techniques, and cultivated many highly skilled craftsmen.


Mike entered the industry of baseball glove manufacturing in 1970, where he learned every step from leather production to final glove assembling. Two decades later, Mike established his own baseball glove factory. By using only the finest natural leather, combined with superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality, Mike quickly earned recognition and became the glove supplier for popular international brands such as Mizuno, Louisville Slugger, SSK, Spalding, and ZETT; Furthermore, Mike’s baseball gloves are greatly cherished by professional league players from the MLB, MiLB, NPB, and CPBL.


The Ming family got into the baseball glove leather industry during the 1940s; they specialized in the trading of natural and synthetic leather. Due to their excellent quality, the Ming family became the favorite supplier of many top brands. Throughout the years, the Ming’s remained a loyal leather supplier to many famous sporting goods brands such as Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, Nike, and others.


With over half a century to polish their skills, both families were at the peak of their respective glove-making capabilities. The emergence of electronic commerce has removed the barriers between them and the world. In 2013, Ming and Mike formed a strategic alliance, creating the Capire brand. The brand’s mission is to deliver high-performance baseball gloves and provide unmatched customer service to players of all skill level.


Through years of glove-making know-how, Capire applies the knowledge and crafting skills acquired to provide customers with top of the line products and personalized services. A comprehensive 15-step glove construction process from leather selection, cutting, stitching, forming, lacing, and final shaping are carefully assembled by our skilled craftsmen with over 20 years of experience. Capire is committed to making baseball gloves that are beautifully crafted works of art which will stand the test of time!

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