Easton Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Van Nuys, CA
Year founded: 1922
Employees: 51-200

About Easton
Easton baseball gloves are available in different series (between adult, youth and softball) with more than 40 gloves. The high-end Easton baseball gloves are in the “Premier Select Series” that are used by more than 50 MLB players. These gloves sell for over $200. On the lower end, Easton youth gloves are available for under $30. One of the special features of Easton baseball gloves is the “contoured index finger channel” on the back of the glove that gives the player a more natural place for their index finger. This channel is part of their patent-pending “ideal fit system” that they say “provides the flexibility and comfort of an open back 

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Notable Series/Models

Easton’s new Blackstone Series features gloves built with a Select Cowhide leather shell and rawhide leather laces, providing structure and durability throughout the season. Players will feel extra comfort while making big plays, thanks to the supple leather palm lining and extra plush wrist lining with a soft cushion padding.


Easton’s new Flagship Series was built for performance at every position. The series is crafted of a Diamond Pro Steer leather shell and an oiled classic cowhide palm and finger lining for improved feel. The split grain leather welting adds rigidity and strength, reinforcing the shell shape, and the steerhide binding increases overall glove longevity. The Flagship Series features pro grade rawhide laces for extra pocket durability throughout the season, and a luxurious sheep wool shearling fur wrist liner for maximum comfort.


Easton’s new Paragon Series youth ball gloves are built with a Select Cowhide palm and leather shell, and cowhide laces to reinforce the pocket, web and fingers. The super soft palm lining enhances a player’s grip for better control while making those big plays.


Easton’s new Prime Baseball gloves combine craftsmanship and innovation in a design that provides durability, comfort and performance. The tumbled buffalo leather is tanned soft and game-ready for easy break-in, and Easton’s unique VRS palm pad reduces sting and increases comfort when fielding hot shots all over the field. These gloves utilize full-grain leather laces for long-lasting performance. The PME3 model has an 12.75” first base pattern design in right hand and left hand models.


Step on to the field like a Pro. World Champion Alex Bregman, Josè Ramírez, Kevin Pillar and Delino DeShields all use Easton’s new Professional Collection ball gloves. They are meticulously crafted with Premium Reserve USA steerhide leather and a smooth oiled cowhide palm lining, and are available in position-specific professional patterns with professional grade rawhide laces for increased pocket durability. The split leather welting and steerhide binding helps the glove shell retain its rigidity and longevity. Leather memory break-in is enhanced due to the dense cowhide finger lining, and the luxurious sheep wool shearling fur wrist liner provides players with pro-grade comfort and feel.


Youth players will feel like big leaguers with Easton’s new Scout Flex series. An ultra soft Hog Hide leather shell and a new Flex Notch system creates easier pocket closure. The three-piece palm construction improves durability, while reducing weight and the super soft palm lining enhances grip for better control, ideal for beginner players.


The Williamsport Collection features unique colorways that represent the best teams in each region that the world has to offer. This collection pays homage to Pennsylvania and the city that hosts the biggest event in amateur baseball since 1947. The HEMLOCK title given to the models within the Williamsport Collection is a tribute to the official state tree of Pennsylvania; the Eastern Hemlock. During early settlement, this tree provided necessary resources that were essential for tanning leather. The important role that the Eastern Hemlock played during early leather production is precisely why we chose this name to signify our ball gloves for this event. Other details include an embossed stamp design that depicts the outline of Pennsylvania with a star to represent the geographical location of Williamsport within the state.