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Katz Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Meriden, CT

About Katz Gloves
Some years ago Dave Katz opened a small sporting goods store in his hometown of Meriden, Connecticut. As an active baseball player, he focused primarily on a large inventory of baseball gloves. Having broken-in his own gloves for years he assumed everyone knew how to do it. He was wrong! As an experiment, he decided to break in a few gloves prior to selling them. He was curious to see the reaction of my customers. Well, everyone loved them. Before long he was selling nothing but broken-in gloves. In fact, people started bringing gloves to break-in. Over the years he has become something of a “well known secret” and have developed a loyal following encompassing the entire state of Connecticut as well as parts of Massachusetts and New York.

Aside from breaking-in baseball gloves, he has been selling baseball gloves out of his Meriden business for some 40 years.


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