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Louisville Slugger / TPX Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Louisville, KY
Year founded: 1884
Employees: 195

About Louisville Slugger / TPX
Louisville Slugger, the famed maker of baseball bats, offers 5 series of baseball gloves for baseball players of any age. Their least expensive gloves sell in the $40 price range, while some of their high end TPX baseball gloves sell for over $150. Louisville’s newest “technology” is what they call “bionic technology” for their catchers and first base mitts. The company claims the bionic technology allows the mitts to open and close easier, as well as providing more effective padding.

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Notable Series/Models

The Genesis is one of the best all-around glove options for young baseball players. A full-mesh back makes it lightweight while an all-leather palm provides great feel and outstanding durability. 


With an adjustable wrist strap, full-grain steerhide leather and patterns designed specifically for the female athlete, this 11.75″ infield model features a Dual Post Web construction in a grey and metallic gold design. Used by the top players, the LXT has established itself as the finest Fastpitch glove in play. Double-oiled leather makes the LXT exceptionally soft yet unequivocally durable.


Needing minimal break-in and designed with memory foam wrist lining and patterns specific to female athletes, this 12″” Xeno infield model features a Closed Weave Web construction in a white and aqua blue design. When top-of-the-line leather meets a soft lining, a game-ready glove like no other is born. The Xeno is the perfect combination of style and feel for the young Fastpitch player.


The Diva glove series allows Fastpitch players to look and play like a star. Each glove features soft leather palms that are game-ready off the shelf. The Pro Weave Mesh accents give the glove a look that developing Fastpitch players will love.


The 14″ TPS slowpitch glove is a new high-end glove for serious slowpitch players. The new TPS line of ball gloves is built with top-of-the-line leather and is designed, assembled and tested with maximum performance in mind. 

Video: Louisville Slugger Glove Review

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