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Mizuno Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Japan
Year founded: 1906
Employees: 5368

About Mizuno
Mizuno manufactures 11 different lines of Mizuno baseball gloves that feature more than 60 + models. Mizuno baseball gloves are well respected in the American baseball community and are extremely popular in Asia. In fact, the majority of Japanese players in the major leaguers wear MIzuno gloves. Their high end “Pro Limited” series of baseball gloves sell in the range of $250, while their “Prospect Series” youth gloves can be purchased for under $20.

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Notable Series/Models

The Classic Pro Soft series is handcrafted with Throwback Leather, which is a rugged, rich and naturally pre-oiled leather that breaks in quickly and retains its shape over time. Featuring professional patterns designed for the best players in the world and UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner for an unmatched feel that makes Classic Pro Soft such a highly-rated glove choice.


Mizuno Franchise Gloves are constructed using comfortable, hand-based patterns, which set your pocket under the web, allowing you to shape your glove like a pro.  Pre-oiled java leather maintains durability and provides a soft, game-ready feel.


MVP Prime
The Mizuno MVP Prime SE series is the ideal infielder’s baseball glove choice for players looking to advance their game while adding a little swagger with a pro-style color pop to their glove. Featuring Center Pocket Designed Patterns and Bio Soft Leather, the MVP Prime SE also features patent-pending Heel Flex technology, which provides a more flexible and forgiving heel for the ultimate in feel and performance.  


Made in Haga, Japan: The glove of choice for over 100 professional ballplayers, each Mizuno Pro LE is meticulously handcrafted by one of the most revered Glove Craftsman in the world—a Mizuno Glove Master. Mizuno Pro LE gloves are made with Northern European Kip leather, which is hand-selected and impeccably conditioned. Regarded as the finest ball glove leather available. Mizuno Pro LE is the only glove with its own reconditioning program in which we will repair and recondition your glove once during its lifetime to restore it to its original glory.


Mizuno Prospect Leather offers the youth player a full grain leather shell, provides outstanding protection, ideal comfort, and includes Mizuno’s innovative PowerClose technologies to make catching easy!  

Mizuno Premier Slowpitch is designed specifically for slowpitch softball.  Offering a durable, full grain leather shell that is game-ready and easy to close.


Mizuno Pro Select combines the rich heritage of the Mizuno Pro series with advanced glove scans of hundreds of professionals to create pocket designs tailored specifically to each position and how players prefer to break-in their glove. This unique approach to glove design allows for all players to shape their glove like a pro for an incredibly natural fit and feel. Made with top-quality US Steerhide leather that is firm, incredibly durable, and will form to your hand perfectly as you break it in.


Full grain leather training glove, designed to aid infield and throwing drills, while teaching proper mechanics for infield play. Full grain leather training glove, designed to aid infield and throwing drills, while teaching proper mechanics for infield play.



Price Range


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$110 - $130

Mizuno Pro

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$350 - $415

Prime Elite

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Pro Limited

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$265 - $600

Pro Player Model

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$350 - $365

Pro Select

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$38 - $70


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$60 - $185

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