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The Most Expensive Baseball Gloves

For many players, the most important part of their arsenal is their baseball glove. Gloves are an integral part of the game and bring along with them tradition, superstition, and history. In this article, we look at some of the most expensive baseball gloves from new gloves, to vintage gloves, and even gloves as art.

Hermes Hand Stitched Baseball Glove ($14,100)


Hermes is a brand known for it’s upscale bags and accessories used by celebrities and socialites.


In 2014, the brand created a goldswift calfskin hand-stitched baseball glove and was selling it for $14,100 according to the company’s website.

Rawlings Primo Roseball Glove ($450)


Rawlings is a well known brand for baseball players. Recently, they released a $450 baseball glove for the serious player who is committed to the game and wants the qualities that an outstanding professional design offers.

Vintage Gloves

Babe Ruth’s Catcher’s Mitt ($341,000)


The most expensive vintage mitts ever sold was the Mitts used by school-aged Babe Ruth sold for more than $341,000 at the latest auction by Goldin Auctions

Wilson Catcher Mitt Ivan Rodriguez Model No.722 ($2000)


A Wilson Catchers Mitt from Japan has sold for over $2000 on ebay on May 2022

Read more about Vintage Baseball Gloves here.

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