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Nike Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Beaverton, OR
Year founded: 1964
Employees: 73,300

About Nike
Although Nike is probably best known for their footwear, they also make several lines of quality baseball gloves. Featuring various pockets, composition materials and sizes, Nike’s gloves are worth consideration by any player.  Nike’s Diamond Elite Prospect series features gloves that are geared towards young, aspiring players. Starting at about $35, Diamond Elite Prospect gloves feature Nike’s exclusive N-Flex web technology that allows for easy opening and closing. These gloves also feature adjustable wrist straps and soft-tumbled leather. The composition of Diamond Elite Prospect gloves makes them nearly game-ready as soon as they are purchased, so young players can buy these gloves and immediately get outside to master the basics.

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The next step up from the Diamond Elite Prospect series is the Diamond Elite Select series. Aimed primarily towards practiced pitchers and infielders, these gloves by Nike feature durable basket webs and deep bowl pockets that allow for great ball cradling and control. Additionally, these gloves are made from about 90 percent authentic cow leather to help them last for years. Pricing of Diamond Elite Select gloves starts between $99 to $129.


Advanced baseball players may want to check out Nike’s N1 Elite 2.0 glove series. Although somewhat pricey with starting values of $200, these gloves are built with durability and versatility in mind. Outfielders should consider the 1275 model that features a deep pocket and a high quality H-web designed for engulfing those towering fly balls. Infielders will love the 1150 model of the series, which features an excellent crosslace web pattern designed for seemingly vacuuming up even the sharpest ground balls. All gloves from this series feature 95 percent authentic cow leather for quality and durability.


The most devoted baseball players looking to amp up their game may want to consider the Nike Diamond Elite Pro II series. Although gloves from this series start at $300, these gloves are among the best on the market. The 1175 model, for example, is composed of 95 percent cow leather and 5 percent polyester and features an I-web pattern for easy ball cradling and fast ball transfer for infielders. Despite some players’ unfamiliarity with Nike baseball gloves, the wide variety of gloves offered by Nike can allow any player of any age to find a glove that caters to every in-game need and preference.

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