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Rolin Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Gregory, TX
Year founded: 1983

About Rolin
History, tradition, dedication, unity and passion are just some of the words that describe baseball, and those are the same words that Rolin use to describe thier work. USA line of Rolin baseball gloves are handicrafted with tanned Kip Leather. Kip Leather is widely considered to be the best baseball glove leather available due to its tight grain, strong, lightweight and durable characteristics.

Each of their products has a manufacturing experience of almost 40 years. 100% handcrafted by Mexican hands that transmit innovation, allowing anyone who uses the Rolin brand to give their best.

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Notable Series/Models


XPT Series
The favorite glove among Mexican PRO players. “The best of the bull” selection to make each Rolin XPT the highest possible quality glove. The inside of the glove offers extra comfort, better grip and almost immediate break in at the hand of the player. Rolin embroideries are placed onto leather directly. This is a 100% professional glove line. Mexican Baseball league and International players use the Rolin XPT line.


Kids Series
A specially designed glove for out little ones. Designed having in mind the comfort of the smallest ones, providing them diversity on their glove, combining softness and resistance so the smallest can achieve their best catches. A unique design for children from 5 to 9 years.

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