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SAF Gloves

Headquarters: West Covina, CA

About Rawlings

After 15 years of perfecting finished leather goods and manufacturing baseball gloves for various brand name companies around the world, SAF Gloves has recently opened a North American wholesale channel. SAF Gloves supplies top-quality, affordable baseball gloves directly to the North American marketplace.


SAF Gloves states “we believe that every man, woman and child interested in playing baseball should have an opportunity to purchase a top-quality baseball glove for an extremely reasonable price.” The company says that rather investing in paying players to endorse their products, they will maintain a low overhead and streamlined distribution channel so that they can pass the savings back to the customers.

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SAF Gloves are priced in the $100-$130 price range, and the company offers a 100% money back guarantee for all gloves within the first 30 days.

Notable Series/Models

Black Outfielder

All of our Professional gloves are made from a top grain cowhide. Although gloves may be stiff at first, they will break in quite nicely and become a durable and long-lasting part of your baseball equipment. Additional layer of our exclusive PRO-TECH Palm Guard is fitted to reduce sting and add palm protection. It is about 0.5 cm thick of palm protection covered with a leather pad. Our laces are made made from the best quality 5 oz leather. It was specifically treated to withstand stresses from catching a fast ball.

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