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Shoeless Joe Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Hays, KS
Year founded: 1985
Employees: 34

About Rawlings

Shoeless Joe Baseball Gloves are hand made fielding gloves recreated in the classic style of the first 50 years of the game of baseball. Painstakingly recreated, the old style, replicas baseball gloves retain the same look, feel and style of the old days of baseball. Their skilled craftsmen have found and used glove patterns from the time period, as well as a tobacco tanning process and hand rubbing with a special blend of ingredients to make these gloves feel “game worn”. 


Each and every Shoeless Joe Glove are crafted with love in a traditional mehtod. Ready to play with from day one, your new baseball glove will bring you back to a nostalgic era, and probably put a smile on your face. Shoeless Joe Ball Glove Reconditioning Program allows you to send your used Shoeless Joe Glove to the factory for some love. They will throw on a dash of their secret Tobacco Tanning oil to make your glove look and feel the same way it was when you purchased it. For a small charge and the cost of shipping, they gladly offer this service to their dedicated fans and customers.

Notable Series/Models

Pro Select Series

Our Pro Select Series gloves are designed for the baseball athlete that plays a significant number of games each season and has a personal goal of playing at the highest level possible A professional quality ball glove that can last season after season.


Shoeless Joe Gloves feature XRD® foam in the palm, for Extreme Impact Protection and ball catching comfort. The XRD® foam can greatly reduces hand sting.

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