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Soto Gloves

Headquarters: Signal Hill, CA
Year founded: 1964

About Soto Gloves
The Soto Glove Company was born in 1964. It is THE name in gloves in Mexico — much like Rawlings and Wilson are in the U.S. SOTO custom gloves are HANDCRAFTED with only the finest leathers from hand picked steers,they built gloves from scratch using the very same methods that have been using since SOTO custom gloves began.



Soto gloves was founded by Anselmo Soto, he started making gloves whe he was 15-year-old. Retired at age 60, the old man eventually died at age 98. Marco Soto, the grandson, is currently handling the business. They take pride on their work and view their craftsmanship almost as a work of an artist.


One could go around various stops in Southern California — Moreno Valley, Santa Clarita, Poway, Norco, Bellflower, Diamond Bar, Simi Valley, El Cajon and Harbor City — and find the Soto trademark being sold. On some gloved hands of ballplayers, the Soto brand has replaced Rawlings, Wilson and McGregor. After many years of very hard work, Soto Glove became the established brand name in Mexico. The concept that a person could actually pick the style, leather color, web size and have their name embroidered on the glove was way ahead of the big mass producers at the time, and still is today.

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