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SSK Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: California
Year founded: 1980
Employees: 551

About SSK
SSK is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing high-end baseball gloves since 1979. SSK baseball gloves are available in 5 series, and range in cost from $100 + for adult gloves and $50 + for youth gloves. After a brief hiatus, SSK gloves are now back in America – this is great news for baseball players!

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Notable Series/Models

In Japanese, the word “Ikigai” translates to “the reason for being.” It is what gets you up in the morning and moves you. SSK’s purpose is to make the best gloves on the market. The SSK IKIGAI Series is where you will find our pro players’ exact on-field glove models. You want to use the same leather and designs like the pros? Here is your chance. Each glove is handcrafted by one of our skilled Japanese Shokunin who design and craft each glove to utter perfection.


Black is a symbol of strength and power in Japanese culture. Being strong and powerful is a key component to being an elite player. The SSK Black Line gloves are built for the rigors of everyday competition, are made for high levels of play and are crafted in the Japanese Shokunin tradition. The SSK Black Line gloves feature SSK’s FusionFit Technology and are designed for elite levels of play.


White is a symbol of truth and knowledge in Japanese culture. Players know that they need the skills and knowledge to perfect the game. Crafted with premium Japanese steerhide leather and lacing, the SSK White Line gloves are crafted in the Shokunin tradition, and designed to be lightweight, provide the perfect fit, and feature SSK’s FusionFit Technology and Dimple Sensor Technology.


Red is a symbol of speed in Japanese culture. Being quick and agile on and off the field is a key element to being a great player. The SSK Red Line gloves are made from top grain Japanese steerhide leather, are game-ready and feature SSK’s Dimple Sensor Technology & FusionFit Technology. The SSK Red Line gloves are crafted in the Shokunin tradition and designed for players looking to take their baseball careers to new heights.


The SSK JB9 Highlight gloves are lightweight, soft, game-ready, and feature SSK’s Dimple Sensor Technology. These gloves were designed for all players looking to make quick tags like Baez himself.

The SSK JB9 Prospect Youth Glove is modeled after Javier Baez’s pro-level glove. This glove is extremely lightweight, game-day ready and features SSK’s Dimple Sensor Technology. The SSK JB9 Youth Glove is for young players who want to look and play like Baez from when they step onto the field.


The SSK Pro Training Glove is a professional-level training glove designed to teach proper fielding, throwing and catching mechanics. Used by many of the top professional teams and players, the SSK Pro Training Glove teaches players to focus on the fundamentals of baseball and helps to improve footwork, hand-eye coordination and fielding basics.

Video: SSK Glove Review

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