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SX3 Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: San Antonio, TX

About SX3
SX3 Sports is a family-owned company that crafts quality baseball and softball gloves. Their staff and glove technicians have been making gloves for over 25 years. Regardless of your position or your style, whether you play in little league or the big leagues, they can create a perfect glove for you. A glove that’s handmade with 100% high-quality leathers. A glove with laces that are cut wide and thick to last longer than most gloves on the market. A glove that responds exactly when and how you want it to.



Here, you can choose your glove’s style, color, webbing and more. You can add your name, team logo, state or country flag, and a number of other personalized features. And you can have your glove professionally steamed, conditioned and game-ready when it arrives. All at a price that makes this a clear choice over off-the-rack gloves.

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