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Valle Gloves

Headquarters: Spencerport, NY

About Valle
Valle Baseball is a family run business that was founded by John Valle. John played professional baseball for 13 years, and now along with his and websites, provides local batting cages, pitching mounds, turf field, & offers instruction provided by John, his son David, and other pro ball players for hitters, catchers, fielders and pitchers. We also have our own line of professional baseball/softball training gloves, that are used by over 500 professional ball players including those of the Red Sox, Phillies, Mets, and Astros Yankees, Brewers, Padres, Orioles, organizations.


Notable Series/Models
Eagle PRO

The Eagle PRO series is made of the  highest quality Japanese Kip   leather , and has USA tanned leather lacing.  The Eagle PRO 975 Series  has  the I-Web style with double lacing, with an open wrist back style,  with a fit and feel, you won’t believe it’s a training glove.  The Eagle PRO 975 has been the best, most popular training glove to the serious player and has now taken this glove to a whole new level.


“Train Like A Pro” embroidered in red on the outside of the glove. Added cushion thumb support with additional palm padding and “double index pads” so whether a player wears his glove with one finger in each finger stall or likes to have two fingers in the pinky stall, he will have access to his index finger pad, for we now have the finger pad both over the index finger and middle finger on the shell of the glove.

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