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Wilson Baseball Gloves

Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Year founded: 1913

About Wilson
Wilson has manufactured baseball gloves since 1922, and today offers 13 series of baseball gloves (8 adult, 5 youth). The Wilson A200 is the official baseball glove of Major League Baseball, and is an extremely popular glove with major league players. Their top of the line “Pro Stock” series gloves sell in the $200 price range, while some youth baseball gloves are available for under $15.

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Wilson Baseball Glove Series

Series: A2K
Price Range: $380 - $400

Series: A2000
Price Range: $300

Series: A1000
Price Range: $150

Notable Series/Models

The classic A2K 1786  remains Wilson’s most popular infield pattern. This design features the same H-Web preferred by so many infielders, as well as beautiful new Blonde and Saddle Tan Pro Stock Select leather colorway. The A2K glove series is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Hand-built by craftsmen with centuries of cumulative experience, the A2K features Pro Stock Select leather, chosen for its consistency and flawlessness, meaning you get a glove that holds its perfect shape longer. The meticulous design of the A2K, including double palm construction for a more stable pocket, make them the most premium gloves in the game today.


For the first time, Pedroia Fit makes its debut in the A1000 line. The 2019 A1000 DP15 brings the design you love in Pedroia Fit gloves – narrower finger stalls and a smaller wrist opening – to an H-Web model that’s game ready as soon as you take it out of the box. The A1000 Wilson glove line has the Pro Stock patterns you see in ballparks everywhere, in a soft, yet sturdy leather that’s game-ready right away. A1000 models are hand-designed patterns continuously improved by the Wilson Baseball team and optimized for faster break-in so you can make an immediate impact.


This limited edition A2000 1786, proudly features Autism Speaks’ signature blue color and the Love the Moment branding developed between Wilson and Autism Speaks. Designed with grey Pro Stock Leather, infielders can’t get enough of this glove and its H-Web, flat finger binding and double lacing because they help keep the pocket shallow for quick transfers around the bag. Team up with Wilson to spread the message of inclusion, acceptance and understanding for people on the autism spectrum with the lineup of Our Love the Moment products designed in collaboration with Autism Speaks. 


The all-new A700 line of Wilson gloves are the epitome of game-ready. Designed with soft, full grain cowhide leather, this Blonde 12.5″ Single Post Web model gives you the perfect feel without the added bulk of other gloves.


The new 12″ A900 first base mitt is made for ball players looking to get an edge at first base. This model, available in a left- and right-hand throw, comes with a Single Post Web. The A900 series of baseball gloves has a cool, old-school look with its dark brown leather. Even better – grounders, line drives and fly balls don’t stand a chance with a glove that’s ready on Day One. There’s no long winter break-in or sore knuckles punching the leather. The A900 will be ready when you are.


The A500 line of Wilson gloves are designed for the youth ballplayer. The lightest all-leather glove on the market, this top grain leather 12.5″ Single Post Web model provides a flexible, ready-to-go feel that performs without unnecessary weight or bulk. 


The A450 line of Wilson gloves are designed to look like Pro Stock model gloves worn by some of the top players in Major League Baseball. This Black and Blonde 12″ Dual Post Web model is perfect for young players looking to develop their skills.


The A360 13″ is one of the most versatile gloves in the Wilson slowpitch series. With its 13″ length and closed, V-Lace Web, this glove gives you the ability to play all over the field. It comes with a Velcro wrist strap to help you adjust its tightness to the right setting.The Wilson slowpitch line of A360 gloves provides players with a versatile option. Gloves come with a Velcro strap to help adjust wrist tightness to the right setting.


Teach your favorite youth player how to play the game you love with the Wilson A200 10 in. Glove. Built with super soft EVA, this all position glove is easy for beginners to close so they can catch the ball.


The A2000 Catcher’s Training Mitt was designed by Wilson Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso to help teach proper framing and blocking techniques. The smaller size of the mitt also aids in developing quick transfers for throws to first, second, and third base. MLB and MLB catching instructors choose to use these mitts as well as top catchers.

Video: Wilson Glove Review

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